Claim Management Services in Buffalo, NYThanks to advances in technology, more class action lawsuits are filed today than ever before, providing individuals and businesses with countless opportunities to receive money for past wrongs they may not have even been aware of.

AWS Business Advisors, as an agent, for Financial Recovery Strategies, a third party class-action claims consulting firm to help discover if there is a class action settlement that our clients could join.

Together, we help our clients determine which current settlements they may be eligible for and ensure they receive the refunds that are rightfully theirs.

Companies find engaging our resources to be much more cost-effective than using their own staff pursuing remnant assets not carried on the company balance sheet. If you need help filing or managing a class action claim for business owners, AWS Business Advisors, an executive consulting firm in Buffalo, New York, is here to make sure nothing goes unnoticed and no stone goes unturned. To learn more about how we and our partners at Financial Recovery Strategies can help, please Contact us at your convenience.