Copier Lease audits

DocuFrog or DOCS™ system (DocuFrog Optimized Control System™) This is the state of the art of finding money within your copier costs…and you reap the rewards…More Profit.  We work to recapture our client’s time and money that is wasted.

Simplicity – Time and Money Machine™
With no investment beyond 45 minutes of time, we find money in 45 days and return it to our client’s. We get paid from a percentage of what we find. (Found Money!)

Our Simplicity software uses advanced analytics to scientifically map paper workflows, dissect complicated contracts and create business intelligence to benchmark costs to industry best practices.

Paper Document Information Assurance (PDIA) HIPAA violations involve paper in 22% of protected information breaches. We provide assessments to identify issues and apply remedies to mitigate the risk of paper-based protected information. This is a value-added service without upfront costs when clients employ Simplicity to find wasted money.

Just so you know…

DocuFrog manages all facets of the cost reduction project on your behalf, from establishing baselines to managing the implementation of all approved recommendations to providing detailed reporting.

Because of our experience and expertise, we are the only company that guarantees these results with our Found Money Guarantee.

DocuFrog donates a percentage of all found money to charities (with a client match if elected).
DocuFrog works nationally (US, Canada & Mexico) with any organization that leases one or more office document device(s).
Let us find your money now!

Contact us – Give us 45 minutes and we will find profits that you never knew existed.