Merchant Fee Reduction Services in Buffalo, NYOn television commercials, countless credit card companies tell consumers it “pays to use their credit card.” For businesses that use credit cards as a form of tender, they often find that credit cards can cost them a great deal of money, thanks to points cards, corporate cards, and hidden fees.

Credit Card companies are notorious for charging merchants unnecessary fees, such as hidden transaction fees, payment gateways, setup and monthly minimum fees. You may not even know you’re being overcharged for the “privilege” of accepting cards as a form of payment, but each transaction is costing your company money, and money quickly adds up.

Rather than wonder if credit card companies are charging you unnecessarily, work with AWS Business Advisors, a national executive consulting firm. We offer zero cost merchant services and/or reduced cost merchant services and help with hidden, unfair merchant account fees while providing solutions that ensure our clients are not paying avoidable fees. We guarantee the best rate with one of three proprietary services utilizing one of the largest processors in America.

  •  Zero cost processing (you get back your fees)
  •  Standard processing with a guarantee of the lowest rate forever
  •  An audit of your current processor for up to 20% savings and monthly auditing thereafter.

The Cash discount program is ideal for small businesses with lower dollar amounts. This program is business friendly and creates a win-win situation.

These services are no cost to you! To learn more about these and other cost savings initiatives, please Contact us today!