Worker's Compensation Savings Assistance - Buffalo, NYWorker’s compensation is a necessary expense that protects our employees. Unfortunately, unsafe employees coupled with escalating prices can make insurance very costly.  Our audit team works with an array of industries and insurers. AWS looks at three main categories within your worker’s compensation policy. We look at employee classification, claims and how they were handled, and finally, claim reserves.

If you’re having an issues with a worker’s compensation claim, or would like us just to review your policy, AWS Business Advisors is here to assist. We help manage worker compensation claims cases all over the country. Based in Buffalo, New York, AWS will employ the right team of experts to review the policy, and make sure you’re not losing money due to having folks in the wrong classification codes or facing an overzealous claim reserves. These are just some of the ways that insurers find profit outside of the standard worker’s compensation policy. Rather than hoping you are being charged fairly for your insurance and hope your agent is on top it (they aren’t), let AWS review the details with NO COST to you. We only share in the savings or it’s a free review. Why not have a true expert look at every angle, and make certain no stone has been left unturned?

To discuss your particular worker’s compensation policy, or for more information about how we can help, please Contact us today.