Small Business Health Insurance Savings in Buffalo, NYAWS Business Advisors, a national executive consulting firm, has helped companies in a wide variety of industries save money. From employee health insurance to voluntary benefits and medicare costs. With the insurance market perpetually fluctuating, the expenses that businesses pay out for insurance is rapidly increasing every year. We have solutions that can dramatically reduce your costs and our programs have been Implemented for very small companies to fortune 500 companies.

It is imperative to follow the complex rules and cumbersome compliance laws. The impact on non-compliant companies is dramatic and very costly. Our company has experts in the field that will review your program at our time and expense. AWS Business advisors can do this all without changing vendors or insurance brokers.

It’s important to note that our compensation for these services does not come from the business so you can take advantage of our services without taking any risk or incurring any cost.

  • – Health Insurance
  • – Medicare savings
  • – Voluntary benefits
  • – Owners captive insurance plans

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