Large, Fortune 500 type companies have the resources needed to ensure their employee’s needs are properly met by paying a large Human Resources department. However, many smaller businesses are unable to find the money needed to employ a Human Resources department that is up to par with the demands of their modern employees and staying compliant with the ever-changing laws. Are you ready and able to defend against legal action such as discrimination or sexual harassment? These actions can bankrupt a company. Outsourcing your HR insulates you against the many pitfalls of failure to comply.

That’s where AWS Business Advisors PEO (professional employment organization) can help. We offer employment services for businesses across the nation that helps them save money in a variety of places, including human resource expenses, payroll costs, and benefits. Our specialists in the field can provide you with options to outsource your HR needs, which allows you to meet the increasing demands of your workforce without having to spend an arm and leg to have a team in-house. From payroll, benefits, and Worker’s Compensation policies, AWS Business advisors can save you money.

What about the elephant in the room, Health Insurance? The number one expense in most P&L’s! Find out how we can reduce your health care costs dramatically without changing your insurance company or your broker with our proprietary program. This program will save you thousands without reducing employee benefits and while reducing out of pocket costs. This program can be implemented at any time during the year and does not depend on the insurance cycle. For more information, please Contact us for a review at your convenience.

Protect your business by having the proper HR channels in place, and let us help you find an affordable solution for your company. Let AWS Business advisors show you how outsourcing HR is a viable option and dramatically reduces your exposure to a multitude of legal issues and compliance requirements.

Need to know more? Here are more reasons to use a PEO.

  • Cost predictability: Your budget can vary widely from year to year as a result of changes in your company, the local market or the global economy. We provide straightforward, transparent and unbundled per-employee pricing, so you can budget in advance and with confidence.

  • Enhanced regulatory compliance and reduced employer liabilities: Nobody understands the thousands of complex employer rules and regulations like our HR experts, and we use this expertise to drive your compliance with all of them, including healthcare reform, wage and hour, leave administration, equal employment opportunity and many others. As a result, you can dramatically reduce your exposure to fines, audits, penalties, and lawsuits.

  • Improved recruitment and retention: Attracting and retaining great employees are essential to running a great business. We make it easier to do just that by giving small- and medium-sized organizations – and their workforces – access to comprehensive, Fortune 500-type employee benefits packages at more affordable rates than they can obtain on their own. We also handle all plan administration, design, and negotiation on your behalf, and we ensure that your employees receive a level of HR support that exceeds their expectations.

  • Ability to focus on your core business: We handle all activities related to human resources – administration, paperwork, payroll, policy development, etc. – eliminating distractions and freeing your leaders to focus on leading your business.

  • Reliability and flexibility: We are always there for you, no matter what is happening externally in the economy or internally within your organization. We are ready to deliver the answers, best practices and HR technology necessary to guide you through variable business cycles, and you don’t have to worry about hiring additional full-time HR staff or going through messy layoffs as your needs change.

  • The convenience of a one-stop shop for human resources: Eliminate the headaches of managing multiple vendors, contracts, and platforms with our all-in-one HR solution. Everything – payroll and payroll taxes, workers’ comp administration, HRIS technology, employee benefits programs – is included. With one single point of contact, you will know where to turn for answers and insight when you need them, ensuring accountability.

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