What is a Cash Discount Program?

The objective is to give customers an incentive to pay with the lowest cost of acceptance by offering a cash discount. Customers who elect not to use cash pay the regular price which now includes the cost of processing. This program is very similar to what gas stations use when they post a cash price and a credit price, and It has been in play for years. With recent changes in state law, you can do the very same thing and enjoy the savings.


Step 1: A 4% service fee is charged on all transactions. However, if a customer pays by cash they receive a 4% CASH DISCOUNT, eliminating the service fee.

Step 2: The full amount of the sale is deposited into your account the very NEXT DAY.

Step 3: The 4% service fee pays for: Interchange, transaction fees, Processor fees and eliminates 95% of merchant services fees. (American Express and Discover do not participate).

What will the customers think?

Studies have been done on this very topic and have shown that you will lose roughly 2% of your customer base. The history of “lost” customers has proven to be temporary. Why do they come back? They come back because they love your product and will merely pay cash or accept the fees.

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