Tax Planning Services in Buffalo, NYUnfortunately, many small business owners are not even aware that their company is eligible for certain tax credits. There are many Federal, State, and local business tax credits and deductions available to help companies save money, but good luck trying to keep track of which ones your business is eligible for.

Based out of Buffalo, New York, AWS Business Advisors can help with Cost Segregation studies, R & D tax credits, and Hiring Incentives to ensure your company is earning back the money it is entitled to. Our specialists will help you determine which assets and their corresponding costs can be used for tax purposes, and we’ll figure out if you’re receiving proper credits for any research and development your company performed during the calendar year.

Regardless of whether you’re a large or small company, we provide you with peace of mind by making sure you’re not leaving any money on the table, be it in the form of tax credit, business expenses or other parts of your operation.

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