What is “Zero cost merchant services or cash discount merchant services” and why haven’t I heard about this?


Mastercard, Visa, and Discover have settled a lawsuit with the federal government around unfair fees to merchants. What came out of the settlement was the ability to change the way you manage your merchant services, and more importantly all of those fees! The merchant now has the ability to surcharge customers for the credit card fees or offer cash discounts. Studies have shown that losing a customer over 2-3% of their tab is very rare. In many cases, this is a large expense for merchants who are forced to take credit cards or lose sales. Take a look at the examples below.    CONTACT US

Why you care

Merchant current experience (example)

Credit card monthly sales: $50000

Credit card processing charges @ 2.5%: $1250

With surcharging/cash discount in place:

Credit card annual sales: $600000

Credit card annual fee savings: $15000

The savings for this example customer saved them $15k in fees. How much does a company have to sell before seeing 15k in bottom line profit? It really is that simple! CONTACT US!


  1. No fees to set up your credit card machine or integrated credit card software
  2. No contracts, month to month
  3. The merchant must be registered with Visa, Mastercard, and Discover (we do that for you)
  4. The merchant must inform the customer via signage (we supply the signage)
  5. The receipt must show the amount of the surcharge separately (our software includes this)
  6. The amount of the surcharge cannot exceed your cost of acceptance (Software includes this)
  7. Debit cards cannot be surcharged (Software includes this)

Sign up process

All we asked for is three concurrent months of merchant statements and nothing more. We need this information to calculate your specific savings. Once received we will analyze the data and send a proposal for review.

For more information about Visa, Mc, and Discover’s rules of engagement for surcharging:

Links: Visa, Mastercard, Discover